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New product -SIGI Rapier

Rapier (rapière, espada ropera, rappier or spada) is one of the symbols of renaissance. It’s deeply connected to “new” things, new customs, new world. It is also a symbol of the dueling culture and it’s often the first thing people imagine when someone says “a sword”. It’s an elegant weapon that heralded the transformation of fencing towards the form we practice today.

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New feature – HEMA Event Calendar

“Is there a place where I could find all upcoming HEMA events?” is a very typical question that HEMA folks ask or hear. The answer is mostly negative, though there are some pages that aggregate events or clubs.

To solve this issue we have created the HEMA Event Calendar, a new feature which you can find on the SIGI website. Initially a project for the students of our club, its scope has become bigger with implementation.

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Basics of sword care

A new SIGI sword arrives. So shiny, so nice. It makes a beautiful „swoosh“ sound when you swing it and you admire the handling. It’s so great to have it finally with you. You take it to your first session and enjoy it to the fullest. The next day you see a small layer of rust forming along the blade. Dang, must have left it on my jacket. What now?

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