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SIGI Katana XL


Total length: 117 cm / 46 in
Blade length: 84 cm / 33 in
Blade width at base: 3 cm / 1.2 in
Handle: 33 cm / 13 in (total with pommel and tsuba)
Tsuba: 8.5×7.5×1 cm (3.3×2.9×0.4 in)
POB: 9-10cm from the tsuba (3.5-3.9 in)
Weight: 1300g (2.87lbs)
Flex: 12.5kg (27.5lbs)
Handle material: Cord wrap
Handle colours: Red, green, blue, yellow, orange, black or brown

Stats may slightly vary. Some custom modifications available. Basic price doesn't include brassing. Contact us for details.
payment via Bank transfer or PayPal when finished
SIGI Katana XL is made for those who need more – more reach, more power, more Katana. Inspired by the longer two-handed Japanese swords worn by the Samurai, SIGI Katana XL (or O-Katana) is the longer variant of our sparring and practice Katana. It is made of durable spring steel and created for heavy full contact sparring and safe practice. The tsuba of the SIGI Katana XL is thick and wide enough to protect your hands and the handle will comfortably fit both your hands. The possibility to test our knowledge using the right tool and gear is invaluable in our way to become ultimate martial artists. SIGI Katana XL will definitely help you explore this important side of martial arts.

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