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SIGI Sword&Bucklers


Specs for arming swords:
Overall length: 97 cm / 38.2 in
Blade length: 78 cm / 30.7 in
Handle: 11 cm / 4.7 in
Cross: 19 cm / 7.5 in
POB: 7 cm / 2.7 in
Flexibility: 13kg / 24.2lbs
Weight: 1150g / 2.53 lbs
Price alone: 270 €

Specs for bucklers:
Diameter: 33 cm / 13 in
Depth: 7,5 cm / 3 in
Weight: 1100g / 2.4 lbs
Price alone: 130€

Handle material: Cord wrap or Leather (+30€)
Handle/Buckler colours: Red, green, blue, yellow, orange, black, brown or purple

Stats may slightly vary. Some custom modifications available. You can get just the arming sword or the buckler. The price below is for the pair. Contact us for details.
payment via Bank transfer or PayPal when finished
Get the SIGI Sword&Buckler Combo - a nimble one-handed sword (arming sword) called SIGI Junior and a beautiful SIGI Buckler made of real leather. The SIGI S&B Combo offers fantastic quality for both training and heavy sparring. The handle of the arming sword is long enough to host a sparring glove and the sword is balanced in a way it feels great in hand and is also gentle to your partner. Along with the spatulated tip the blade is more flexible towards the end which means it's safe for both thrusting and cutting.

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