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Arming swords customization

One of the core missions and goals of SIGI is to emphasize the importance of standardization in Historical European Martial Arts. When we refer to standardization, we primarily mean qualities that should be consistently replicated in every tool designed for the practice of historical fencing. These qualities include durability, stress resistance, flexibility, and other safety measures. All of these elements should be complemented by excellent handling, translating into an enhanced fencing experience.

Below, you can find the current proposed modifications for the SIGI Arming swords. You can choose your setup when creating an order through our order form. Alternatively consult the how to order page for information about ordering or the FAQs.

Arming sword classification

When people mention an ‘arming sword,’ they typically refer to a one-handed, straight-bladed sword commonly used in historical European warfare during medieval times. At SIGI, we offer three types of Arming swords, each possessing exceptional qualities that ensure reliable performance. Simply select the one that resonates with your personal style and aligns with your intended purpose; any choice will serve you admirably well.

We offer the following:

  • SIGI Junior Arming Sword – regular arming sword, great for competition and practice (270€ base price)
  • SIGI Junior Arming Sword Light – lighter version of the Junior with a feder-like blade which weighs approx 150g less (300€ base price)
  • SIGI Queen – beautiful, hefty, double fullered, historically looking arming sword. The best match to our SIGI King (400€ base price)

Differences between the models

All our products are tuned for top-notch performance. If someone wonders which sword is the way to go, especially with arming swords, it mostly depends on what you think aligns with your aesthetic preferences and what you’re planning to use it for.

The SIGI Junior Arming Sword is a versatile workhorse. It has a gentle balance with just enough presence for quick cutting around. The flex is safe for thrusting and it will survive lots and lots of abuse. The shape of the blade mimics a typical arming sword shape.

The Light variant of the Junior Arming Sword is ideal for both tournaments and regular sparring. Weighing approximately 990g, it shares a similar flex and balance with the standard Junior, ensuring a gentle experience for both your sparring partners and opponents. The reduced weight not only eases the strain on your muscles but also preserves your stamina—a valuable asset, especially considering the endurance required in sword and buckler fights, the most typical occurrence involving any arming sword.

The SIGI Queen caters to the needs of the most demanding fencers. Thanks to its unique blade geometry, it asserts a stronger presence in the bind compared to the SIGI Junior. Favored by those who embrace the style of the renowned i.33 codex, also known as the Walpurgis fencing book, as well as those who enjoy engaging in or initiating actions from the bind. Like our other swords, it’s designed for safe thrusting and can endure all the intended abuse it may encounter.


The SIGI Junior Arming Sword and the Junior Light come at 97 cm / 38.2 in with the blade being 78 cm / 30.7 in long.

The SIGI Queen is 100 cm / 39.4 in long. The blade itself is 82 cm / 32.3 in long.


We currently offer five types of crossguards for all of our arming sword models:

  • The Basic crossguard – straight and simple; fully heat treated, very durable
  • The Crescent crossguard – fully heat treated, very durable. Slight upwards curve, also called the V-shape or the U-shape (+20€)
  • The Fishbone crossguard – a complementary crossguard to the Fishtail pommel; but looks great with any other pommel. It visually widens out towards the edges. Also fully heat treated and very durable (+40€)
  • One-ringed crossguard – your crossguard will feature an extra protective ring; fully heat treated, very durable (+20€)
  • Two-ringed crossguard – your crossguard will feature two protective rings; fully heat treated, very durable (+40€)

There is no significant advantage of one over the other. Follow your style and desires.

Note: Please keep in mind the extra weight of a single ring is approximatelly 50g.


The arming sword handles are standardized. They are 12 cm / 4.72 in long. They will fit the majority of available gloves.

We offer two types of grip material:

  1. Cord – a fully natural linen cord that we dye in the color of your choice (red, green, blue, light blue, black, brown, orange, purple, white)
  2. Leather – high quality leather cover that we process in SIGI (+40€). Available in red, green, blue, black, brown, orange.

Note: We can shorten the handles a bit if you need it. Please be aware that this might change the sword’s properties, mainly move the POB and the nodes. Since there’s some extra work involved with this, we charge an extra fee. PM us for a current quote.


You can get three different pommels with all SIGI arming swords:

  1. Disc pommel – default, also known as the Wheel pommel. Inspired by many historical specimens, it narrows down a bit towards its tip. Ergonomic and great to hold should the need arise.
  2. Globe pommel – a round, circular or ball pommel with a number of vertical ridges. Extra charisma points (+30€)
  3. Fishtail pommel – a popular pommel type with a very distinctive visual. Your charisma is maxed (+60€)


If you were looking to customize your sword further we can offer you an option to decorate your pommel and your crossguard with brassing (or blackening). With brassing we will coat the cross and the pommel in a film of brass which will give the arming sword a unique, recognizable look.

Furthermore, coating your sword with an extra layer creates a protective film that adds rust protection up to a noticeable degree. It doesn’t require a lot of care and will make your sword stand out.


  • Brassing a pommel or a crossguard only – 50€
  • Brassing both the pommel and the cross – 100€
  • Brassing a crossguard with a ring – +20€ per ring
  • Blackening a pommel or a crossguard only – 50€
  • Blackening both the pommel and the cross – 100€
  • Blackening a crossguard with a ring – +20€ per ring

Please note: Brassing and blackening is susceptible to wear and tear. Direct cuts or scratches may be visible after heavy use though with good care it will keep its looks for years.

Please feel free consult us to get the best experience out of our swords.