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How to order

It's simple!


  1. Use our online form to choose your desired product setup
  2. Or send us your order summary to:

If something is not clear or you need any help, get in touch with us on Facebook or Instagram.

If you want to make your order via e-mail, check the guide below:

We would need:

  1. Name of your product (e.g. SIGI Feder Standard). If it’s a customized product, follow our guidelines in the Customization section.
  2. For a sword, you choose if you’d like a default cord grip or a leather handle (+40€). Tell us if you want a regular handle or a waisted one (+10€).
  3. Color of the handle and/or the color of buckler (black, brown, orange, red, green or blue)
  4. For a sword – tell us if you want the decorative holes on the schilt (optional, no extra charge; not applicable for Concept/Lichty/Maestro models)
  5. You can choose from these pommels: Onion (like the Maestro), Pear (Standard), Mushroom cap (+10€), Disc (+30€) Faceted (+30€), Faceted with stripes (+40€), Fishtail (+60€) or Twisted (+60€)
  6. Crossguards: Normal is 30cm (great with Standard, XL and Shorty), Short is 28cm (great with Shorty or Mini).

We will also need your address and phone number for shipping and billing. We take a 50% deposit with the order and the rest is paid upon completion. Bank transfer/Wise/Revolut etc., card payment (or Apple Pay/GooglePay) and PayPal (with a transfer fee) are all options.

Some further

If you have any special wishes or needs, please discuss them first. Our products are optimized for the best performance. Changing some of their properties, even a little, may completely change their behavior. Our number one objective is customer satisfaction along with great quality and we’d like to ensure you get that. Some of the stuff we can do for you:

  1. We can make Standard, Shorty, Mini or XL versions of our swords.
  2. We can paint some custom shapes on your bucklers
  3. You may switch pommels on our swords
  4. You may initiate a new feature or product line, just talk to us

For more see the Customization section.