Warranty - Sigi Forge


SIGI products are intended to be used in HEMA or modern recreation of historical swordsmanship in all its forms. They are created and adjusted to heavy use both in regular practice and in tournaments.

The materials they are made from are suitable for such usage. Some wear and tear will occur and most of it is fixable. The process of creating our products is certainly not easy and despite our best efforts the weapon may fail, e.g. by the blade breaking etc.

If such thing happens, under certain circumstances you have a right to receive a repair or a right to get your equipment replaced if this happened within 24 months from your purchase (in accordance with the EU consumer law and its Slovak specifics). See our Terms of Use for the full text.

You have the right to replace your gear when:

  1. The blade of your sword breaks because of a defect. This usually happens within a few weeks of use.
  2. If your pommel tears because of a defect. Again, this usually happens within a few weeks of use
  3. Other, severe damage of the sword occurs due to specific faults in material or production.

What is not included in warranty:

  1. Damaged leather or cord due to reception of direct cuts on the handle
  2. Loose or bent cross from receiving direct cuts (if it happens).
  3. Some types of bent or warped blades. After heavy usage blades tend to naturally warp towards one side. This is normal and will eventually happen to every sword.
  4. Swords broken or damaged by normal use for which they are intended. Swords sometimes break and it’s to be expected because the material will eventually tire. 

In order to apply for the warranty, we will need you to send us the faulty equipment for inspection (see our Terms of Use for details). If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at sigi@sigiforge.com.


If you want to apply for a warranty repair or replacement, please send us an email to sigi@sigiforge.com along with photos or video of the issue and a description of what happened. You have a right to have your product replaced or repaired within 24 months from purchase under our Terms of Use.

We will instruct you further about returning your items so we can repair or replace them if applicable.