One of the core missions and goals of SIGI is to stress the notion and need of standardization in Historical European Martial Arts. When we say standardization, we mean mostly qualities that must be reproduced in a similar manner with every tool intended for the practice of historical fencing. Those are durability, stress resistance, flexibility and other safety measures. All of these should be bound by great handling which translates into a better fencing experience.

Below you can find the current possible combinations for our products. Please, check our Product line where you can find finished swords if they suit your needs along with the How to order page which describes the most typical customization options. If you want to create a special combination, feel free to continue reading.


1. Blade flexibility

  • All of our feder blades have a standardized amount of flex, check the product description of your chosen product
  • For illustration, flex ranges from approx. 11.5kg to 14.5kg (longswords to one handed swords/katanas)
  • The flexibility is meant to be safe for thrusting

2. Schilt types

In HEMA, the word Schilt or Shield is used to describe the wider blade area which follows the cross and appears on swords to protect fingers of their users by redirecting.

We offer 5 different kinds of Schilts:

  • Normal – like the SIGI Feder, SIGI Shorty or SIGI XL
  • Extra wide – wider than a standard schilt, for additional protection
  • Concept – like the SIGI Concept or SIGI Lichty – for a more sword-like feeling. All hits slide directly to the cross.
  • Maestro – Inspired by historical specimen, a tall but narrow schilt
  • Schilt-less – without the Schilt, imitating a typical sword but with qualities of a Feder

You can also ask for us to make the decorative holes in your schilt (for the normal or extra wide schilt types) or leave it pure, without the holes (no extra charge, both are an option).

3. Sword length

We can create sword blades in 4 different lengths:

  • Normal – total length of 135 cm, approx. 1600g
  • Shorty – total length of 125 cm, approx. 1500g
  • Mini – total length of 115 cm, approx. 1400g
  • XL – total length of 140 cm, approx. 1700g

Before choosing your length please consult your club instructor or tournaments rulesets that are in effect in your area. Our swords reflect the most typical lengths of training/tournament swords in most of Europe.

4. Crossguard width

You might have noticed from handling our swords that our crossguards are sometimes longer than usual. In SIGI we recognize the importance of the cross as described in some fencing books like Pietro Monte („And the cross or the hilt should be long, so that the whole arm is guarded“– translation by Mike Prendergast). A longer crossguard will provide its bearer with effective boost in defense and some of the sword‘s properties.

You can get our crossguards in 2 lengths:

  • Normal – 28cm, with swords like Shorty or Standard
  • Long – 30cm, with swords like Endurance, Concept or XL

Furthermore, you can ask for:

  • S-shaped cross – let us know if you need it for a right handed or left handed person (+10€)
  • Rings on your crossguard – you can ask for one or two (+10€ per ring)

5. Handle material and colour

Choose between:

  • Cord grip – 100% natural rope fixated with a special solution to resist impact (default for all swords)
  • Leather grip – real leather coloured according to your wish (+20€)

Handle material is a pick between aesthetics, personal preference and pragmatism. A cord grip will resist cuts, aggressive handling and impact better than leather. Leather on the other side looks amazing.

Colours: Red, Green, Blue, Black, Brown, Yellow, Orange, Purple

NOTE: Please be aware that we are trying to use as many natural materials as we can. Our ropes or leather is coloured in the Forge using natural shades. Colours might slightly vary from piece to piece due to its nature and other conditions.

6. Pommels

You can choose from the following pommel models:

  • Pear – basic pear shape, versatile and comfortable to use
  • Onion/Plus – onion-shaped upgrade of the basic pear shape
  • Mushroom – Great for people who use larger gloves or prefer a “handle grip” to a pommel grip (+10€)
  • Disc pommel – like the pommel used on our arming swords (+20€)
  • Facetted pommel – handmade facetted pommel for aesthetic looks (+30€)

7. Sword tip

All our sword tips (even for the one handed sword models) are spatulated for better safety and control.

Please consult us to get the best experience out of our swords.