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Passion for HEMA is our primary drive

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SIGIs are created in the heart of Europe - in the marvelous Slovakia.

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We ship to all corners of the world. Contact us to get a precise quote on your shipping.

Made with love and passion

All of our products are handmade, created with love and passion for historical martial arts.



”Sigi Forge is creating some groundbreaking and innovative training tools for the historical fencing community. Their feders offer a unique combination of refined handling characteristics, durability and safety, at a great price point. What you’re getting is a sword expertly and meticulously designed to meet the high demands and rigors of HEMA training. Whether you’re a beginner or have years of experience, these swords will help take your training to the next level."
Alexander Brindley, USA 5/5
"Training tools that seemingly remove themselves from the equation to expose your fencing and help you improve. It won't automatically make you a better fencer, but it did show me exactly what to work on!"
Tobias Härtl, Germany 5/5
"SIGI is a weird thing, because it provides safety that is incomparable to basically any other feder on the market, while sacrificing none of the handling characteristics - in fact, once I got used to it became my favorite feder in terms of handling as well."
Alen Lovrič, Slovenia
SIGI Forge in action


HEMA is a young martial art and sport which is gaining more and more popularity as the time progresses. What started as an exotic past time activity is now becoming officially recognized around the world as a serious movement. Perhaps the most popular faction of HEMA concerns itself with practical aspects of the Art, proving their martial skills in sparring and in tournaments.

SIGI Forge Lichty model

Our goal

The goal of SIGI Forge is to create safe, reliable and yet aesthetic gear based on the weapons used by the people of medieval world. Our swords and other accessories are created with passion and love for our hobby and trade. It is intended for all kinds of practitioners; from people who are solely interested in reviving an old martial art to vivid tournament fighters, you will find much delight in our products.

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