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About us


Our hobby has become our craft and every single one of our products is made with passion, devotion and love.


We believe everyone deserves a high-quality, reliable and safe product which will allow them to practice historical martial arts to the fullest.


We use modern materials and technologies so we can guarantee a reliable behaviour and aesthetic look of our products.

SIGI Forge started as an idea long ago but it took some time to become real. SIGI was founded by Ondrej Šauša, Jakub Ruček and Martin Fabian. It is a project of passion and all three of its founders have been dealing with HEMA for a long time. The project officially took off mid 2018 with registering SIGI as a regular company.

Our goal was simple since the very beginning: We wanted to produce high-quality, aesthetic and reliable gear. The initial R&D phase took us almost a year which meant lots of designing, trying, failing, trying again and again.

But we didn’t give up and pursued our dream. Full production started in April 2019 and since then we’ve been adding more and more products to our line up to satisfy the demand and needs of our fellow fencers.

SIGI operates near the capital city of Slovakia, Bratislava. Our whole production is situated here and we’re proud to tag our products as Made in Slovakia/EU.