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New feature – HEMA Event Calendar

“Is there a place where I could find all upcoming HEMA events?” is a very typical question that HEMA folks ask or hear. The answer is mostly negative, though there are some pages that aggregate events or clubs.

To solve this issue we have created the HEMA Event Calendar, a new feature which you can find on the SIGI website. Initially a project for the students of our club, its scope has become bigger with implementation.

HEMA Event Calendar (HEC) is a worldwide HEMA tournaments and workshops aggregator. It’s sponsored and run by SIGI Forge as one of our ongoing activities to help and boost the international HEMA scene. Besides our webpage, it’s also available on its separate domain

The HEMA Calendar is non-profit and will never have any other use than offering a place where you could find a list of tournaments and workshops. SIGI will admin and add most events we can encounter, however any input from the community is very welcome – anyone can add new events anonymously. No need to register; just click the add new button, fill the info and then pass an anti spam filter.

Our aim was to create the simplest and most user friendly tool available. All its functionalities are straightforward and easy to use. The calendar is also responsive so you can use it with any device. Please see the following Q&As for more information. If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns, please feel free to drop us a message at or at

Q: I use Facebook and events appear in my feed. Why another webpage?
A: It’s simple. Not everyone uses Facebook or social media in general. In order to find all events on Facebook, you have to be a member of many groups and have lots and lots of connections. HEMA Event Calendar aggregates events and shows you everything in one place.

Q: Can I add my event?

A: Please feel free to add as many events as you’d like! Simply click on the green “add new” button and follow the input form. You don’t need to fill in all the information apart from Event name, description and the date. However, the more information you provide, the easier it will be for potential fencers to find you and come to your event.

Q: I’ve added my event but I can’t see it. Why?

A: If you got a message of a successful event upload, we need to check it and approve it. This measure is both to add any crucial missing information and to prevent random entries that pass the spam filter.

Q: Is there a way to subscribe to HEC?

A: Yes! HEC offers a subscription button which will allow you to add HEMA events directly to your Google calendar, iCalendar or Outlook. You can find it both in event detail and at the bottom of the event feed.

Q: I would like to attend only saber tournaments. How can I find it?
A: HEC uses a nice filter which you can use to search directly for whatever your heart desires. You can search for particular categories, tags… It’s very user friendly and simple. 

Q: With some actions I get redirected to the SIGI page, is that OK?

A: HEC is sponsored by SIGI and it’s hosted on our infrastructure. The calendar can be found both on our webpage and it’s also mirrored on its own domain (

Q: How can I get in touch with you?

A: If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns, please feel free to drop us a message at

Q: I want to have my event removed from HEC.
A: Sure, if you don’t want your event to appear in HEMA Event Calendar, just drop us a message at

Q: Is there another way I can contribute?
A: Adding events and spreading the word about HEC to your friends is already a lot. The more people use it, the better for everyone. If you have anything else on your mind, just drop us a message.


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