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A helpful tool – the SIGI Swordbuilder BETA

Dear Customers, we are delighted to introduce a useful tool for creating your desired SIGI sword – the SIGI Swordbuilder!

The SIGI Swordbuilder is a web-based app that allows you to design the sword of your choice. Its main advantage is its visual nature, providing a photorealistic simulation of your selections.

The tool is straightforward and easy to use. Feel free to experiment with it as much as you like and save or download your design either as a shareable link or a picture.

Please note: As indicated, the tool is currently in its BETA phase. This means it is mostly ready to use, but some models might still be missing. Occasionally, you may encounter a bug or unexpected behavior. Your feedback is invaluable, so please report any issues to us via email or social media. Rest assured, we are committed to refining it and launching the full version as soon as possible.

Another note: The most challenging aspect is accurately showcasing the color of our grips. Every display (whether mobile or monitor) renders colors differently, so there might be slight discrepancies between the simulation and the actual product.

For the time being, both our old Order Form and the Swordbuilder will be available for you to use according to your needs.

We hope the SIGI Swordbuilder will be helpful in your ordering process!

Yours sincerely,

The SIGI Team

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