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Saber Bow available in XL

Hello! There’s a little update for the SIGI Saber Bow – the order form now offers the Bow XL variant that’ll accomodate larger gloves (popular demand). No extra costs, just one or the other.

The Bow XL can be used with many different types of gloves. However keep in mind that some gloves will still be too big for it and in that case our Saber Basic will help, designed for the same exact purpose.

Stats of the Saber Bow:
Overall length: 100 cm / 39.4 in
Blade length: 86 cm / 33.9 in
Blade base width: 2.2-2.4 cm / 0.86-0.87 in
Crossguard: 14 cm / 5.5 in
Crossguard XL: 15.5 cm / 6.1 in
Hilt width: 5 cm / 2 in
Hilt XL width: 
6.5 cm / 2.6 in

 14 cm / 5.5 in
Weight: 740-780g / 1.63-1.72 lbs
POB: 13.5-14 cm / 5.3-5.5 in
Flexibility: 10 kg / 22 lbs
Tip: Spatulated

Product page for Saber Bow:

Order form:

Wish you a nice day!


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