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Product upgrade – light blades for SIGI Sabers

Our sabers now feature a new variant – the Light blade! Available in both straight and curved options, the SIGI Saber Light Blade comes equipped with a default fuller and is approximately 70g lighter than our regular blades, making both the Pro and the BIG Light weigh in at approximately 700-720g.

But wait, there’s more! Some time ago we’ve upgraded our regular Saber blades and they are already in the four corners of the world enjoyed by countless fencers.

The new SIGI Saber Light blades will fit your hilts – if you want to order just the blade, you can do so in our order form under the “Replacement blades” option.

We always listen to your needs and feedback. We constantly work on making our products better so you can enjoy them even more. At the end of the day we’re also fencers who want to have as much fun as possible 🙂

You can find our Sabers in our product lineup:

We’ve recently unveiled the SIGI Saber BIG which can host larger gloves:

You can read more about our Saber customizations here:

Our product portfolio and our customizations are vast. We value ‘choice’; we believe every fencer is entitled to know the best what they want and need.

As usual – if you need anything, PM us here or on our Instagram ( or feel free to send us an email to

Have a nice day and keep on being awesome!

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