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Customize your sword with an awesome engraving

To max out the special look of your feder we can offer the option to engrave it by your design.

We can engrave anything – be it your name, your initials, your club logo(s) or just a picture that you like. In the case of a logo or a picture, we would need you to send us a source picture, ideally in a vector format (like .ai, .svg, .pdf) or your desired font if you just want to have a certain text engraved. Fantasy is the only limit here.

Price of an engraving usually ranges from 5-25€ per side, depending on the complexity and size. Our graphic designer can help polish your image if needed (that might add some extra costs).

We engrave as deep as possible to ensure your image or text survives basic maintance and will make your sword shine out for years to come.

Q: What can you engrave?
A: Any flat surface though some slightly curved areas (a saber guard, some crossguards) can also be engraved. We can also engrave some of our pommels (notably the Disc pommel)

Q: Is there any limit to size?
A: Maximum length of an engraving is 20cm (so a square area of 20x20cm if such a sword existed). Bear in mind that some details or tiny lines do not have to show in super small sizes.

Q: Can the engraving endanger or structurally compromise the blade?
A: Not at all, although it might appear to be deep, it is usually just a fraction of a milimeter so it’s not a cause for concern.

Q: Can I add an engraving to my existing order?
A: Of course! Unless your sword has left our Forge, we can engrave it. Feel free to get in touch with us 🙂


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