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Kard Rendje

2023 KR Edzőtábor / 2023 KR Training Camp

Mátraházi Edzőtábor Kékes-alja út 3, Mátraháza, Hungary

Dear Fencers! The week of our training camp has also been set. The time interval can may be shorter, but definitely not longer. It's worth planning with it. We look forward to seeing you all from all around the world!

nachschlag – RAW – KRViSE

BKSzC Gundel Károly Vendéglátó Ecseri út 7, Budapest, Hungary

Dear Fencers, we would like to announce the third installment of the KR ViSE tournaments for 2023. Categories - Longsword, open team Location: BKSZC Gundel Károly Vendéglátó és Turisztikai Technikum Timeframe: 7:00-18:00 Registration starts at: TBD Registration fee: TBD Registration closes at: TBD The updated ruleset will be shared later. We wish everyone a successful […]